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Day & Night Stud Earrings - Handmade by Miss Dainty Co.

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Through the ages, celestial happenings and natural phenomenon have been used to symbolize important thoughts and concepts. The cyclical occurrence of day and night was one of the things occurring in nature that was believed to hold specific meaning.

Day and Night symbolize, respectively, the birth of the Sun and its death. With the rising Sun, the Day is considered representative of new life, and fresh beginnings, possibilities, hopes, and opportunities. It also symbolizes the active, masculine principle and the rise of consciousness.

Afterward, as the sun starts setting, the day begins to give way to the night with its all-enveloping darkness. As the end of the day, the Night symbolizes death, which means ending of life. The darkness of Night also associates it with secrets and dark potentialities.

All earrings are 100% handmade using polymer clay attached to stainless steel earrings.

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